How do i set pay-per-click?

Choose which keywords you want to bid on, set your bids for different keywords and select your daily or monthly budget, write your PPC ad and link to a relevant and persuasive landing page on your website. Razorpay gets 257% more survey responses AllRound gets 28% more comment responses HobSpace gets 20% more demo subscriptions Mudrex gets 280% more webinar signups Traya gets a 15% cart recovery rate Talk to an email expert. Do you need someone to take your email marketing to the next level? The experts at Mailmodo are here for you. Don't worry, he's in the house.

Jyothiikaa has a year of experience creating content strategies for emerging and growing B2B companies. His expertise lies in email marketing and design. When advertisers create an ad, they choose a set of keywords to target that ad and bid on each keyword. So, if you bid on the keyword “pet adoption”, you're telling Google that you want your ad to appear in searches that match or are related to pet adoption (learn more about keyword matching types here).

Every time a search starts, Google searches the ad set and chooses a set of winners to appear on the search engine results page. Every time a search starts, Google searches among advertisers that offer offers and chooses a set of winners to appear in the advertising space on its search results page.

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