How much does google ad pay-per-click?

One of the main advantages of Google Ads is that advertisers can have full control over their offers and pay everything that their traffic represents to them. Google will then calculate the ad ranking for each competing ad, which will determine if and where your ad will be placed in the paid results section. A PPC company like Cardinal Digital Marketing can develop, launch and manage your paid search campaigns on popular ad platforms, such as Google Ads. You'll never pay more in a day than your daily spending limit and you'll never pay more than a month than your monthly spending limit (your average daily budget x 30.4€; although if you don't pay for Google Ads with the billing method, you can set a monthly spending limit at the account level).

Even though consumers do more than 160 billion searches per month with Google, many people still wonder how much they spend launching a Google Ads campaign. The best thing about Google Ads is that, while it works like an auction, the winners are not chosen based on the offer alone and the maximum bid is not necessarily paid. If you choose this route of working with a PPC company, expect to pay a monthly fee in addition to your monthly Google Ads spend.

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