What is the cpc for display ads?

All major paid advertising platforms helped online marketers attract traffic to their websites through advertising campaigns based on the CPC model. While most advertising costs on Facebook are measured by CPC (since the main goal is usually to increase traffic), marketing objectives, such as brand awareness, can be configured as paying per thousand impressions. There are a variety of text, rich media, or social media ads that use CPC as a factor in calculating the total costs of paid advertising campaigns. Some types of ads are only shown on certain networks, such as the Google Search Network (ads appear at the top of Google search engine results pages) and the Display Network (sites owned by Google or associated, such as YouTube and Gmail).

If your target age group is between 18 and 34, you can expect to pay more for your display ads on Instagram. If you want to use a popular online advertising tool, such as Google AdWords, and bid on keywords to show paid ads, these tools usually show the CPC of the target keywords.

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